Judge Issues Temporary Injunction Against Sara Evans’ Ex-Husband

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sara evans Judge Issues Temporary Injunction Against Sara Evans Ex Husband
The day after Sara Evans was at the Strawberry Festival here in Plant City she had to go deal with this!
A judge in Franklin, Tenn., has issued a temporary injunction against Sara Evans‘ former husband to prevent him from making public statements about her and their 2007 divorce. Monday’s (March 15) hearing was scheduled in Williamson County Court after Evans last month requested a temporary restraining order against Craig Schelske, who is actively promoting passage of a bill in the Tennessee Legislature that would establish equal parenting time as the default custody arrangement in divorce cases. In appearing before a legislative subcommittee, Schelske said Evans’ attorney used “false and salacious allegations” to discredit him in the eyes of the court and the community. He also discussed the matter on a nationally-syndicated talk radio show. After Evans filed for divorce, she and Schelske accused each other of having affairs, but both denied the claims. Evans is now married to Jay Barker, a former University of Alabama quarterback who co-hosts a sports radio show in Birmingham, Ala. For complete article click here.
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