Butt Crack Problem

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butt crack Butt Crack Problem

American designer Kimberly Brewer has solved the problem of “butt cleavage” when you’re wearing your favorite low rise jeans. She calls it the “Backtacular Gluteal Cleft Shield”

and it’s basically an adhesive fabric patch that’s applied directly to the skin on the lower back. She said she came up with the idea after experiencing her own butt crack problem whenever she sat down or bent over while wearing her favorite jeans. Made of hypo-allergenic denim and decorated with studs and rhinestones, the patches come in several colors and designs including butterflies, flowers, hearts and peace signs. So if you’ve just gotta have one, and your friends will tell you that you do, just visit Kimberly’s website called Kimberlily at kimberlilyonline.com! A set of two will run you about $15 bucks. (Ananova)

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