I Cannot Tell A Lie

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cherry trees in bloom kyoto japan2 I Cannot Tell A Lie

Believe it or not, the average person tells a whopping 88,000 lies in a lifetime, says a recent study that also estimates that men lie 66% more than women. The survey discovered

that the average person tells four untruths a day. Broken down by sex, men average five lies a day as compared with three fibs a day for women. Figuring a 60-year lifespan, the study, by British vodka maker WKD, predicts that lifetime lie totals can reach 109,500 for men and 65,700 for women. Most common lies include: “This tastes delicious,” “The check’s in the mail,” “Our server was down,” “I’m stuck in traffic,” “Sorry, I missed your call,” and, of course, “I love you.”

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