Don’t Buy Chinese Honey!

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7055216 Dont Buy Chinese Honey!

Looks like China is pulling a fast one on us when it comes to selling us honey. Turns out they’ve been sending their honey to other countries for labeling and then into the United States to avoid paying U.S. tariffs

of up to 500 percent! This was all uncovered by Vaughn Bryant, a Texas A&M professor and palynologist or a pollen specialist, who analyzes honey samples from around the world to determine their origin. Honey samples labeled as coming from Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and Laos usually turn out to be “a little honey from those countries” with the majority of the blend coming from Chinese sources. The high U.S. tariffs on Chinese honey were instituted about two years ago when China nearly ruined the U.S. market by selling its honey for about half of what it costs U.S. honey producers to sell their product. Bryant said, “There are lots of shenanigans going on to avoid having to pay those tariffs.” (Sky News)

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