Dream Weaver

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 Dream Weaver

What it means when you’re dreaming of horses and other critters. You may not be able to talk to the animals, but they can talk to you in your dreams. Experts describe the messages revealed by animals that roam your subconscious while you’re sleeping:

  • Dogs — have always been saluted as symbols of loyalty and unconditional love. Canines in your dreams signal that all is right whether romantic or family.
  • Cats — represent intuition the “subconscious mind” that humans depend on before their “rational mind” of words and other symbols take over. Felines in your dreams mean you should trust your instincts when faced with a tough choice. “Listen to your gut,” says Layne Dalfen, author of Dreams Do Come True: Decoding your Dreams to Discover Your Full Potential.
  • Lions — in your sleep mean its time for you to roar, whether you’re asking for a raise, taking the lead on a project or demanding respect in a relationship.
  • Birds — traditionally symbolize freedom, especially if they’re on the wing. If you’re dreaming of our fine feathered friends, you’re ready to let loose but only you can know whether that means looking for a new job, a new relationship or simply telling someone what you really think or feel.
  • Rabbits — have been symbols of fertility throughout the ages. So dreams of bunnies may mean you’re ready to have a baby. They can also signal a fertile, creative mind, says dream analyst Martin Horowitz: “So start that novel or launch that new hobby as a photographer or artist.”
  • Horses — show you’re ready to run wild and free. It’s time to break out of the ol’ corral and have some fun in your life by, as the old saying goes, “horsing around.” So schedule a vacation, a long weekend or at least have a party.
  • Dolphins — have been symbols of good luck ever since they started escorting boats and ships at sea. “Dolphins are a blissful sing,” says dream expert Tanya O’Meara. “You can relax because your future looks bright.”
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