Online Dating

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 Online Dating

Going out with someone you barely know is risky no matter where you meet — be it online, in a bar or in church. But unlike that chance encounter in the church

social hall or in a bar, online dating carries different risks because it’s quite likely you will reveal a lot of information about yourself before you ever meet in person. Follow these 10 tips for safe online dating:

  1. Keep your personal information confidential.
  2. Play detective. Before meeting in person, find out everything you can about your new friend.
  3. Keep your wallet closed.
  4. The ideal first date: A weekday lunch in a busy restaurant.
  5. Drive yourself. For the first date, meet at a restaurant.
  6. Do tell a close friend or relative where you’re going.
  7. Toast with a soft drink as alcohol can impair your judgment.
  8. Split the bill. Why? Some expect sex in return.
  9. Carry a cell phone, fully-charged.
  10. No sex on the first date.
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