Stinky Marriage Bed?

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New Blanket To Save Your Stinky Marriage!
Got a stinky marriage — or more specifically — a stinky marriage bed? Well the all new “Better Marriage Blanket” is for you. Designed by Denver science teacher Francis Bibbois, this special

blanket offers a “real solution to a very real problem”. Namely — excessive flatulence in the bed! Made from activated carbon fabric to absorb the foul odors, Bibbois actually created the prototype 15 years ago. But the world is only now getting wind of it thanks to an internet advertisement that has gone viral! The ad has been viewed over a million times on You Tube. The product’s website claims the blanket contains the same type of fabric used by the military to protect against chemical weapons. Which is probably just enough to protect me from my g/f  gassy ass! (Ananova)

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