Get More Sex…Doctor’s orders.

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200px dr  oz at servicenation 2008 Get More Sex...Doctors orders. Dr. Mehment Oz has an exciting prescription for Americans get more sex and live longer. According to the Harvard grad, the biggest health problem in the United States is a lack of

nookie and he says it’s even more deadly than obesity. “The average American has sex once a week and we know from studies, that doubling that to twice a week can mean you live three years longer,” Oprah’s favorite medical guru claims. And many Americans who are sexually active are not satisfied, notes the heart surgeon. “One in seven women never have an orgasm,” says Oz, who insists the issue could be physical as well as emotional. He urges partners to discuss sex with each other and reveal likes and dislikes to improve the experience. And if your partner claims to have a headache when you feel frisky, say you only are looking to extend your life, says Oz, who reveals, “I think you can use it as an excuse to have more sex.”

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