Your Password Reveals the Real You

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Whether you use it at the ATM, for your e-mail or to gain online access to your bank account or a Web site, your choice of password says volumes about how you see your place in the world. “Passwords give an intimate glimpse into

your thoughts and feelings,” says Seattle psychologist Maury Webster. “Chances are good that you’ll choose something or someone important in your life.” Your password reveals these fascinating fact about you:

  • Link to loved ones — People use passwords that will stick in their memories, and since you’re such a sociable person, it’s natural that you pick the names of family and friends. You’re passionately loyal to those you love, and people in your circle are your highest priority. You’re also keenly sensitive to the desires of others and selflessly give of your time talent when needed.
  • Name that celebrity — You easily identify with movie stars or sports heroes who are dedicated to their craft and always striving to achieve their goals. You also have an adventurous spirit that keeps you on the ready to try new ideas or clever solutions to further your career. Your hard charging approach naturally puts you in the lead to grab the ring of success.
  • Letters and numbers mix — You’re a smarty-pants who easily memorizes a code that looks like gibberish. A loner who requires plenty of privacy while working on important projects, solitude allows your mind to roam free. You’re an innovative thinker who crates ingenious answers to some of life’s toughest questions but you don’t mind sharing breakthroughs with pals.
  • Constant switcheroo — You’re a super conscientious person who protects your privacy by changing passwords often. This is indicative of your general demeanor a brilliant leader with a talent for organization who effortlessly attracts others to follow your decisions. You also maintain enviable efficiency both at home and on the job, achieving goals with seemingly little effort.
  • Creative moniker — You enjoy making up a name that has humorous significance to only you while also fulfilling your need for security. Your sense of fun is vital for keeping your equilibrium when stressful situations arise on the job and with your family. Your ability to handle a crisis with wit and creativity makes you a source of calm just when others need your wise and practical advice.
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