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View Comments Help Veterans!We received this story and wanted to put it out on the web.  Maybe you can help, maybe you know someone who could.  If you can’t donate any money take a minute to share this on your facebook or with friends, it only takes a minute! 

There is a  veteran we are trying to assist, he was going to be evicted, I did get the landlord to hold  off until the end of this month while I call around to a lot of non  profits, veterans posts, church’s, gov’t agencies, etc., No one has funds to help this man. I only have less then 10 days to  make something happen positive for this veteran.  I am scrambling to get either funds or resources to assist, and so far,  just doors close in this man’s face each time.  The veteran is trying to help himself, he works p.t., he did have a fulltime job and was fired from this  job a while back. Meanwhile, he is having  a hard time finding a decent job.  Meanwhile, he is close to being > evicted and/or losing his vehicle. His part-time job > is far less then his monthly expenses. If you are able to assist, please let us know:

- Hope For Veterans,

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