Be Good to Your Girls

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bras Be Good to Your Girls

From the beach to the mall to the office, women seem to be showing off their cleavage more than ever before. Why? According to Elisabeth Squires, author of Boobs: A Guide to Your Girls,

American breasts are getting bigger while shirts are getting smaller. Here are some tips she offered about looking good in your bra:

  • Don’t be in bra denial. The average woman changes bra sizes at least seven times in her life. Get fitted and accept your number and cup size.
  • Think outside the bra. A strong back and shoulders — good carriage — makes your whole body look better, including your breasts. Don’t concentrate so much on your underwiring. Concentrate on the rest of your body.
  • Be good to your girls. Breasts are unique, and the truth is that men love them all. Be more accepting of your body. Most women think breasts only come in two sizes: too big or too small. It’s not true. They’re beautiful; be good to them.

Is it okay for a woman to show cleavage at work? Or should she always stay covered up?

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