“Lipstick Index”

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Seems women are putting on a pretty face in this ugly economy.  Cosmetics sales are booming as times are tough. No doubt about it: Makeup makes women feel better in hard times, and the so called “Lipstick Index” has always held true during recessions. The current one is deeper than most, so it appears women are turning to rosy foundation to bring out the pink in a time of business red ink. Sales of rosy foundation have soared by 15%, nail polish is up 11% and lipstick is up almost 3%. In a recent survey, 82% of women say makeup cheers them up and 88% say it makes them feel more confident, while nearly half say makeup gives them “an edge” over colleagues at work. Says psychotherapist Lucy Beresford: “If we look good, we feel better, particularly as stress can play havoc with our skin.” (National Examiner)

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