POLL: Would You Rebuild “Touchdown Jesus”?

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the king of kings statue 0052 POLL: Would You Rebuild Touchdown Jesus?

If a bolt of lightning hit your 6-story-tall statue of Jesus, would you rebuild it??? This Ohio church vows to do so…

In 2004, the Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio completed construction on a 62-foot tall statue of Jesus rising out from a pond. With outstretched arms, the statue was quickly nicknamed “Touchdown Jesus.”

A few days ago, a bolt of lightning hit the statue, sending it up in flames and completely destroying it all the way down to its metal frame. The fire cause approximately $700,000 in damage to the statue and attached amphitheatre.

Church officials say they plan on rebuilding the statue, but are not sure of they’ll use the same model.

If a bolt of lightning from the heavens isn’t a clear sign that SOMEONE up there wasn’t thrilled with the statue, I’m not sure what is. Ha ha ha!! My suggestion? A humbler statue… then take the leftover money and help the poor and jobless in the community… WWYD?? (uh, what would you do?)

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