Biggest House In the U.S. For Sale

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mansion1 Biggest House In the U.S. For Sale

It was supposed to be a “monument to unparalleled success.” But the mansion started by timeshare tycoon David Siegel was never finished. It’s now considered the largest home for sale in the United States and it comes with plenty of space but no carpet, tiles or interior walls. It’s up to the future buyer to finish it. And it’s a lot to finish– 90,000 square feet, twenty-three bathrooms, thirteen bedrooms, ten kitchens, a 20-car garage, three pools, a bowling alley, indoor roller rink, two-story movie theater, video arcade, fitness center, baseball field and two tennis courts! Buying it “as is” will set you back $75 million — but there is an option to buy it completed for $100 million. And you’ll have interesting neighbors. The unfinished palace at 6121 Kirkstone Lane makes Tiger Woods’ place just down the street in this gated Orlando suburb look more like a guest house. As for Mr. Siegel, a company spokesperson said he could have easily moved forward with construction but wanted to avoid cutbacks at his company, Westgate Resorts. So he and his 12 children will have to find someplace else to live. (

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