GaGa Face Plant!

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gaga GaGa Face Plant!

Here’s tonight’s Boredom Buster: Lady Gaga. Love her or hate her. There’s no in between. Me? LOVE HER. But, a face plant is always amusing, so here ya go…

Lady Gaga Recently busted her arse while walking through London’s airport. Is it mean to laugh at her tumble? Maybe a little. But COME ON. She was wearing platform boots with some ridiculously long chaps. Yup. I said chaps…


Although I am a Gaga fan, I think the humbling tumble was well deserved. She’s been even more outrageous lately (if you can believe that). Flipping off fans at Mets and Yankees games? Showing up in lingerie at a baseball stadium, then saying you don’t want attention? Seriously. You deserve a little trip :)

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