Stay At Home Dads Triples

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 Stay At Home Dads Triples

A whopping 2 million Mr. Moms stay home with the kids while their wives go to work, say experts. Since 1996, the number of stay at home dads has more than tripled from 49,000 to 159,000 says the U.S. Census Bureau.

But independent researchers, as well as associations that cater to these fathers, say that figure doesn’t include dads who work part time or from home which bring the number of American Mr. Moms up to about 2 million. And this new breed of fathers is turning family stereotypes upside down, as the men not only embrace child rearing and house keeping but even excel at it. The trend has spawned support groups, Web sites and even an annual convention for stay at home dads. Entrepreneurs have jumped on the bandwagon with products like men’s jacket with special pockets for diapers.

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