Talking To My Best Friend

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men women Talking To My Best Friend

Here are a few tips on how to be your mate’s best friend, according to the books, “A Man’s Guide To Being A Woman’s Best Friend” and “A Woman’s Guide To Being A Man’s Best Friend.”

  • On conversation — Man to woman: Don’t dominate conversation about your work. Woman to man: Listen to him tell you about his work.
  • On sex — Man to woman: Shower and shave before getting into bed at night, and then don’t bother her. Woman to man: Light candles in your bedroom.
  • On working — Man to woman: Always do your best at your job. Woman to man: Don’t ever imply that you wish he earned more money.
  • On finances, Part I — Man to woman: Place her pedicure ahead of anything you may want for yourself. Woman to man: Live within your budget.
  • On finances, Part II — Man to woman: Prepare your will. Woman to man: Don’t shop for clothes when you know he is under financial pressure.
  • On quid pro quo — Man to woman: Never expect her to admit she’s wrong. Woman to man: Compromise easily.
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