Before they were stars: Country Music Edition

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tiredatwork Before they were stars: Country Music Edition

It’s hard to picture some of our favorite artists not being involved in music in some way, shape or form.   But the truth is, alot of them were not in the music industry their entire lives.  Click MORE to find out what many of them did before they made it big!

[lastfm]Trace Adkins[/lastfm] – Oil Field Worker

trace adkins Before they were stars: Country Music Edition

With his burly stature, and his recent outspokeness on the Gulf Oil Spill, it may not come as surprise to know that Trace spent time working the oil fields. A colleague told him he couldn’t work five years in the oil fields without getting injured badly enough to miss work. They were right, during his time as a roughneck, Trace had his forehead busted open by a snapped cable and a leg injured by an exploding fiberglass tank. He also got marooned on an offshore rig during a hurricane.




[lastfm]Dierks Bentley[/lastfm] – Toilet Cleaner

dierksbentley Before they were stars: Country Music Edition

Dierks spent a summer scrubbing toilet bowls at Arizona’s Lake Powell. Required work included cleaning 250-gallon portable toilets from the returning rental houseboats. Dierks said that, once, the old machine used to empty the toilets backfired, sending the hose and all the stuff straight up into the air soaking him in the “stuff”. Yuck!




[lastfm]Clint Black[/lastfm] – Newspaper Salesman
clint black1 Before they were stars: Country Music EditionWhen Clint was 14, he was a newspaper solicitor for the Houston Post going door-to-door selling subscriptions. In the Texas heat, I don’t imagine having doors slammed in your face was too fun.




[lastfm]Kenny Chesney[/lastfm] – Valet

kenny chesney Before they were stars: Country Music Edition

Kenny held a few odd jobs when he was a struggling musician. Some of the jobs that he also had include telemarketer and mail room sorter. Among the valets to whom Chesney has handed his own keys is ‘Stealing Cinderella’ singer [lastfm]Chuck Wicks[/lastfm].



[lastfm]Billy Currington[/lastfm] – Cement Pourer

billy currington Before they were stars: Country Music Edition

No one can say that Billy didn’t pay his dues. In the 10 years he spent in Nashville before getting a record deal, he spent 6 of those years pouring concrete, which he says was the hardest job he has ever had. Billy also brought in the paychecks as pawn shop clerk.




[lastfm]Eric Church[/lastfm] – Home Shopping Network Operator

eric church Before they were stars: Country Music Edition

Eric’s spent his early Nashville days (actually, nights) taking credit-card information a home-shopping channel on the midnight — 7 a.m. shift.




[lastfm]Faith Hill[/lastfm] – T-Shirt Vendor

faith hill Before they were stars: Country Music Edition

Faith spent four months in Nashville before landing her first gig: a one-week stint selling T-shirts at [lastfm]Reba McEntire[/lastfm]‘s booth at the 1987 Fan Fair.



[lastfm]Martina McBride[/lastfm] – T-Shirt Vendor

martina mcbride2 Before they were stars: Country Music EditionMartina also spent her early days in Nashville selling t-shirts at [lastfm]Garth Brooks[/lastfm] concerts in the 90s. It seems like their may be something behind this t-shirt selling business…





[lastfm]Alan Jackson[/lastfm] – Shoe Repairman

alan jackson Before they were stars: Country Music Edition

Alan, who prides himself on his work ethic, earned his ‘Summertime Blues’ as a shoe repairman at age 12, repairing shoes at a store in Newnan, Ga.





[lastfm]Reba McEntire[/lastfm] – Cowgirl

reba Before they were stars: Country Music Edition

It only makes sense that one of Country’s favorite female artists started her working life as a real-life cowgirl. Reba started gathering cattle on her family’s Oklahoma ranch when she was only six. She also helped turn bulls into steers, holding the cow’s tail while her father removed it’s nether regions. I suppose that is one way to learn anatomy.



[lastfm]Joe Nichols[/lastfm] – Steak Salesman

joe nichols Before they were stars: Country Music Edition

Joe spent one day selling frozen meat out of the back of a truck in the Nashville heat. Well, were glad he took his job as a singer a little more seriously!





[lastfm]Kellie Pickler[/lastfm] – Fast-Food Car Hop

kelliepickler prom Before they were stars: Country Music EditionIn her pre-Idol days Kellie was a roller-skating, chili-cheese dog toting car-hop at Sonic Drive-In in Albemarle, N.C. I guess she was pretty good on wheels because she spent 3 years in this early profession.




Kimberly Roads ([lastfm]Little Big Town[/lastfm]) – Green Bean Picker

littlebigtown kimberlyroads Before they were stars: Country Music Edition

Before Little Big Town made it big, Kimberly spent summer picking green beans for two dollars a bushel. Not only was she in the hot sun all day, she says it took “forever” to pick a single bushel.




[lastfm]Blake Shelton[/lastfm] – House Painter

blake shelton Before they were stars: Country Music Edition

Blake not only spent his time painting houses, he also worked as a tape dubber making copies of cassette tapes. Much to my surprise, Blake has said he preferred painting houses. I bet it got pretty hot under that long hair!




[lastfm]Clay Walker[/lastfm] – Tire Factory Janitor

clay walker Before they were stars: Country Music EditionBefore his big break, Clayworked in a tire factory, but he wasn’t even on the line — he just cleaned up after them. He also spent his early days with a line of odd jobs, such as shoes salesman and a motel night clerk.




[lastfm]Jimmy Wayne[/lastfm] – Prison Guard

jimmy wayne Before they were stars: Country Music Edition

After high school, Jimmy worked as a prison guard at the Gaston Correctional Facility in North Carolina. Jimmy was not a stranger to the prison system as he had some early experiences with his mother and stepfather both spending time incarcerated.


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