Chris Young On Doing His First Live Stream

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 Chris Young On Doing His First Live Stream

“You know, I had a blast doin’ it. 

I’d love to do it again. Bein’ able to hit that many people without them havin’ to go to a venue, that’s the biggest thing for me is that they could’ve come, you know, straight off of work, got home and gone, ‘You know what, I think that stream’s up. Let me get on there and see part of this.’ You don’t have to get dressed up. You know, you’re not worryin’ about…you could have dinner cookin’, technically, watchin’ us do this show. So it’s just…there’s such a different dynamic with that and how easy it is for people to access my show. You know, there’s not a cover, nothin’ — you just go watch.”

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