Toby Wants Kids To Get Off The Couch

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dl tobykeith Toby Wants Kids To Get Off The Couch

[lastfm]Toby Keith[/lastfm] was not a couch potato when he was a kid growing up. He wasn’t obsessed with video games or sitting at a computer for hours, surfing the Internet. His fondest memories growing up include playing outdoors with the other kids.

“I couldn’t get enough of playing baseball in the yard,” Toby told The Boot. “In the neighborhood that I grew up in, every day of summer, we would get out the baseball mitts, get up against a brick wall, use it as a backstop, and we would set up bases. We would play baseball five or six days a week.

“Kids don’t seem to play like that anymore,” continues Toby. I make my 13-year-old son [Stelen] get out. He has to go outside and play. He can’t just sit inside and play games. I make him get out and do stuff.” (theboot)

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