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Jimmy Wayne has decided to go nto detail about his new book “Paper Angels”. In June, Wayne announced on his twitter account that he had signed a book deal, but noone knew anything more than that.

So far we know that the book will not be released until Fall of 2011. They are happy that it will come out just before Christmas. The concept of the book is based on his hit song, “Paper Angels” and it will be fictional.

The book is based on the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program. In this program it helps children that are not able to have a Christmas be able to receive gifts. Jimmy is a fond believer of the Angel Tree and says children should get a Christmas they deserve.

What Wayne said to The Boot, “‘Paper Angels’ was one of those brainchild song ideas that came to me when I was at the mall, looking at the Angel Tree”. “I realized all those angels on top of the tree weren’t being picked. The ones at the bottom were gone. I knew I had to do something to raise awareness, because I was a recipient of the Angel Tree when I was a kid. Had it not been for those people sponsoring me and my sister, we wouldn’t have gotten anything for Christmas. I went and started pondering on this idea. I wanted to write it, but I didn’t want it to be about one thing. It had to be about something else, too.”

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