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kennychesney hemingwayswhiskey CHESNEYS HIATUS

People often ask me why [lastfm]Kenny Chesney[/lastfm] didn’t tour this year, and the only reason I could come up with was that he was coming out with a new album,

“[lastfm]Hemingway’s Whiskey[/lastfm],” it’s due to hit stores on Sept. 28th.  Oh and he was working on his documentary inspired by his current hit, “[lastfm]The Boys of Fall[/lastfm].”  Kenny really didn’t need any help as far as inspiration goes but I guess being in Brett Favre’s, John Madden’s, Bobby Bowden’s and Nick Saban’s houses helped.  Kenny said he admires the discipline and work ethic needed to make it in pro sports, and that is his mentality too.  Kenny’s real reason for the hiatus was a series of things, but mostly that he felt like it was becoming more mechanical instead of connecting with the fans, and it’s never been that way.  Kenny said that he wanted to give people the thing that they deserved the most, and that’s all of me.  And if he couldn’t do that, he’d rather back away.

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