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She’s certainly had her share of heartache in her life and now she’s put it all down on paper and written a book.  [lastfm]Shania Twain[/lastfm] says “There have been moments in my life I was concerned by the reality that tomorrow would never come.  Recently I experienced one of those moments to an intensity that brought on a sudden urgency to

document my  life before I ran out of time, before I had the opportunity to share an honest and complete account of my life, in my own words.”  As we all know Shania’s marriage famously fell apart two years ago after her husband had an affair with one of her best friends.  (Isn’t that the way it always happens?)  “I began writing this book with a sincere respect for the past, present and future as something never to be taken for granted.”  The book, or memoir, if you prefer, is set to be published next spring.  Shania writes about her childhood, the death of her mother and stepfather, her rise in Nashville–and yes, the heartbreak over the breakup of her marriage.  F.Y.I. she’s currently seeing the ex-husband of the “other woman.”  Mercy.

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