Zac Brown And Nascar

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zac brown band 665 Zac Brown And Nascar

Like many of us [lastfm]Zac Brown[/lastfm] is a NASCAR fan, “I got my first Earnhardt (die-cast) in 1989,” but it wasn’t until college at the University of West Georgia that made Zac, shall we say, “embrace his need for speed?”  Zac says, “I lived with a

roommate in college who was a huge fan and he kinda got me into into, collecting the die-cast cars.”  Zac says he’s been watching racing for the past ten years or so but says it, his love for NASCAR, goes back even further.  “Even when Kyle Petty was racing the Peak antifreeze car, my dad ran a hardware company that carried the Peak antifreeze and they got us down to the track and that was my first race.”

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