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It only seems like yesterday, but actually it was Saturday afternoon back stage at the 1-800 Ask Gary Amp. that we spoke to [lastfm]Chris Young[/lastfm] about the great message his song “Voices” delivers.  Chris said that its the fans who say that it hits home with them.

He says it reminds some fans of special people who’ve passed on, and that hearing the song brings back happy memories.  “Voices” is the latest from Chris’ album, The Man I Want To Be.  Chris also said that some people come up to us at shows–whether it be my band or me directly–and you know, tell us stories about people that have passed away, that this song is really happy for them because it makes ‘em rember,’cause they still hear their voices and they still hear you know, them given them advice and that’s why this song I think is so powerful.

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