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[lastfm]Jerrod Niemann[/lastfm] hit the road for his first shows on [lastfm]Gary Allan[/lastfm]’s Get Off On The Pain Tour and says he’s been a longtime fan of Gary’s.  While touring and talking with the fans he heard them raving about how much they love Gary and it made Jerrod want to learn Gary’s secret to being cool.   Jerrod says “I’ll tell you one thing, interesting thing, about Gary Allan that he doesn’t even know.  But then again, he probably does, but everybody

likes Gary Allan.  I mean, I’ve always liked him, but you know, usually you hear people always hatin’ on somebody, like, ” I hate them,” and then their fans will…”No, are you crazy?  They’re awesome,” and there’s always this debate on who’s cool and who’s not.  But what’s weird is anybody and every singe person, that I have told that I’m goin’ on tour with Gary Allan, since the moment I found out, was like, “Oh, I love Gary Allan!”  So, if there’s anything I hope to take away from this tour, I would like to know the secret on why everybody loves Gary Allan.  I mean, I know I love him because his music rocks and he rocks, and I’m imagining that’s the reason why, but it can’t be that simple–he must have some sort of super powers or something.”

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