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countrymusic Tell Us What #CountryMusicIs

Sure, we all know what country music is when we hear it, but how would you describe it, in say, 140 characters or less? Well, that’s what we want to hear from you, and we’re going to share your opinion with the world!

To do this, we’re creating a fun Twitter game that’s simple to play. All you have to do is copy and paste #CountryMusicIs (or type it out yourself if you’re feeling fancy) onto a tweet and then finish the sentence. For example, you could say:

#CountryMusicIs the best music in the world
#CountryMusicIs what wakes me up in the morning
#CountryMusicIs Saturday afternoons on the porch

It’s that easy. You just start your tweet with #CountryMusicIs and then finish it with whatever seems appropriate, accurate, or funny to you. Then, each week in October, we’re going to pick our favorite tweets and publish them right here and make you internet famous! Heck, if you really blow us away with your creativity, we might even read your tweet on air.

Plus we’re going to be playing the game too, so be sure to keep an eye on and let us know which ones you like by tweeting @wqyk995!

But what if you don’t have a Twitter account? Well, you should really get one, or you can put your comment on our Facebook wall (just keep it brief—that’s the whole point).

So, stand up and speak your mind! Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, and tell us what #CountryMusicIs

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