Toby Keith Rocks The Whole ‘Trailerhood’ On New Album “Bullets In The Gun”

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toby keith 385 Toby Keith Rocks The Whole Trailerhood On New Album Bullets In The Gun [pullquote quote=”I lived in one for a couple of years… It was a real nice, gated trailer park with a pool.” credit=”Toby Keith”]When historians look back at the early 2000’s they’ll see that musical “mash-ups” were all the rage, with DJ’s mashing two songs together to come up with an unique piece that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Thanks to [lastfm]Toby Keith[/lastfm] (plus Stephen Colbert and a certain recent Vice Presidential hopeful), historians looking back at the early 2010’s will see that word mash-ups were all the rage. Like “truthiness” and “refudiate” before it, “trailerhood” is the newest addition to the English language. We hardly even need to ask, “what is a trailerhood?” since it’s the perfect mash-up of “trailer” and “neighborhood.” Read on to find out how Keith came up with the word, also the title of one of his new songs, and find out more about his new album Bullets In The Gun.

[pullquote quote=”I said, ‘Let’s go in this trailerhood.’ And one of the guys said, ‘The old trailerhood, huh?'” credit=””]Here’s the real story on how the world “trailerhood” came about (taken from [lastfm]Toby Keith[/lastfm]’s interview with “I was riding my motorcycle and had a couple of dudes with me. We were in an old neighborhood out in the country where I used to live. And there’s a trailer park out there. Somebody said, “Hey, let’s go eat.” We’re starting to turn around and I realize they’ve put railroad tracks in and blocked the street I wanted to take. So I was going to say, “Let’s go in the trailer park” or, “Let’s go in this neighborhood and turn around.” But instead I said, “Let’s go in this trailerhood.” And one of the guys said, “The old trailerhood, huh?”

Here’s the full track listing for Bullets In The Gun:

1. Bullets In The Gun
2. Somewhere Else
3. Trailerhood
4. In A Couple Of Days
5. Think About You All Of The Time
6. Kissin’ In The Rain
7. Drive It On Home
8. Ain’t Breakin’ Nothin’
9. Is That All You Got
10. Get Out Of My Car
11. 11 Months And 29 Days
12. I’ve Been A Long Time Leaving (But I’ll Be A Long Time Gone)
13. Chug-A-Lug

toby keith cover 100 Toby Keith Rocks The Whole Trailerhood On New Album Bullets In The Gun If you like what you hear, check out [lastfm]Toby Keith[/lastfm]’s new album Bullets In The Gun, available now at iTunes and Amazon.
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