Top 5 Country Songs About Drinking

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 In honor of Country Music Month, throughout October, we’re going to be running Top 5 lists of different types of country songs. Today, we present to you, the Top 5 Country Songs about drinking.We all have drinking stories, that is unless you don’t drink. There have been country songs written about every topic imaginable, but one of our favorites has to do with songs about suds and bubbles. Billy Currington said it best, Toby Keith saves some for his animals, and Kenny Chesney keeps his in odd places. What are we talking about? Well, how about the Top 5 songs about drinking!5. “Sideways” by [lastfm]Dierks Bentley[/lastfm]Drinking, dancing, and partying, and chasing the ladies is what Dierks Bentley likes to do in this song. With lyrics like, “Been here since the sun went down,Be here when it comes back around, Worked all week it’s time to play, Gonna get a little bit sideways,” this is a party we would like to join!4. “Keg In The Closet” by [lastfm]Kenny Chesney[/lastfm]Kenny Chesney talks about time spent partying it up in the college days. We all remember them or don’t, but when he talks about “Keg in the closet pizza on the floor, left over from the night before, where we were going we didn’t really care we had all we ever wanted, in that keg in the closet,” he makes it clear that a good time was had by all!3. “Beer For My Horses” by [lastfm]Toby Keith[/lastfm] and [lastfm]Willie Nelson[/lastfm]Toby Keith and Willie Nelson use alcohol to salute all of the armed forces around the world that are sacrificing their lives to keep us strong and protected. To that we definitely “raise up our glasses”.2. “Pretty Good At Drinking Beer” by [lastfm]Billy Currington[/lastfm]Billy Currington makes it pretty clear what he is good at in this song. No matter the job or the task at hand, he makes it pretty clear that he is only “pretty good at drinking beer.”1. “Alcohol” by [lastfm]Brad Paisley[/lastfm]If this isn’t the anthem for drinking, I don’t know what is. Every line is this song lets you know the perils of drinking, where it came from, whether it was Lynchburg (and Jack Daniels) or Milwaukee (and Miller), and what it will do for you.Courtesy of America’s Country Station, US99.5 Chicago
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