Houser Breaks It Off

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randy Houser Breaks It Off

It took hearing the song “[lastfm]Life Happened[/lastfm]” by [lastfm]Tammy Cochran[/lastfm] for [lastfm]Randy Houser[/lastfm] to make up his mind and move to Nashville to pursue his dream of becoming a recording star.  “I almost got married one time, I actually broke it off when I decided to move to Nashville.  It was strange.  It was like

I really had this path that I’d laid out, and then you find that life begins taking over and you realize that you’re about to give up your dreams to do something else.  I think some people take that path and some don’t.”  One day he watched Tammy’s video and tears just started rolling down his face.  Randy says “I realized what I was getting ready to do.  We would’ve never been happy, if I had gone ahead and gotten married and just stayed and did that.  I would’ve always probably had some animosity towards her that she wouldn’t have had any clue about.  So when I heard that song, I said, OK I’ve got to go do what I feel like I’m supposed to do.”

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