Brett Eldredge “Raymond” … This Guy Made Me Cry :(

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brett eldridge Brett Eldredge Raymond ... This Guy Made Me Cry :(

A few weeks ago, new artist Brett Eldredge stopped by the WQYK studios to perform a mini-concert for our staff. For the first time in my life, I lost it in front of an artist and started crying (!!!!)

Brett Eldredge just released his first single to radio, called “Raymond.” When he performed at our studios, he sang a few of his tunes. He dazzled with his impersonation of Frank Sinatra, one of his favorites and influences.

And then, he hit me.

Hit me upside the head with a song I totally was NOT expecting. He opened it by talking about the inspiration behind the song. He explained that he didn’t normally dig deep into certain personal emotions when it came to songwriting. However, he had just wrapped up a family visit and couldn’t stop thinking about his grandmother. She suffers from Alzheimer’s, a disease which has no cure.

Having known someone who passed away from complications of this devastating disease, I knew immediately where he was coming from. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone you care about turn into a human vegetable… unable to recognize, or communicate with, anyone or anything around them. 

He sang his song, “Raymond.” I felt myself becoming extremely emotional. Sitting in the front row, I didn’t want to embarrass myself by bawling right in front of him. So instead, I stopped looking at him and tried to not pay attention to the words. I even did that “La la la la la la” thing in my head to distract myself.

I managed not to cry… Until!!! After the get-together was all over. Sitting in the room, the guys asked if I wanted to see the video for “Raymond.” Considering my near-breakdown earlier, I hesitated but said yes. As I watched the video and heard the song once again, this time I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t hold myself together.

In a way, I was embarrassed to have started crying in front of everyone, including Brett himself. But in other ways, I wasn’t. This is the very reason why I love Country Music. It is music that evokes emotion. It’s real, and tells stories about real life. And the story that Brett Eldredge tells is an amazing one…

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