Lee Greenwood’s ‘God Bless The USA’ Is The Best Country Song Trish Biondo Has Ever Heard

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Lee Greenwood Red White and Blue American Flag Jacket
In honor of Country Music Month, we asked a panel of country music experts from across the country, “What is the best country song you’ve ever heard?” This installment is from Trish Biondo. Trish is an on-air personality at US 99.5 in Chicago. She has been nominated for a CMA and has won the Billboard Music Director of the Year Award. Here now, is the best country song Trish has ever heard.

Best Country Song I Ever Heard – are you kidding me?  When you grow up loving country music as much as I do, you can name you a “Best Country Song I Ever Heard” from every year! I have that much love and respect for the artists, songwriters and the country music industry in general. I don’t just work in the industry; I am a fan.

There are so many “Best Country Song I Ever Heard” moments in my life, because they spoke to me at that time, whether it was about a relationship, a job, a life changing moment or just a beautiful day! So, I’m going to take the easy way out and say that the Best Country Song I ever heard is [lastfm]Lee Greenwood[/lastfm]’s “God Bless The USA.” It was when I first heard it, and it still is today. It’s timeless for me.

You can keep up with Trish on Twitter, on her webpage, and on US99.5

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