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Mel Tillis picked up the CMA Entertainer of the Year award in 1976. Today Trends looks back at that win as part of Country Music Month, leading up to this year’s ceremony in November.

Mel Tillis made a huge impact on the Country scene in a relatively short space of time. With his trademark stutter and a slew of hits he was a familiar fixture of the TV circuit, becoming a national celebrity during the 70’s.

But compared to some of his fellow winners, Tillis hasn’t enjoyed the attention of new generations of listeners. Where 1975 winner John Denver has seen some 310,255 listeners return to his songs since starting counting, Tillis can only claim 7,386.

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As a result though, his top tracks are the product of genuine fans, who have scrobbled hits from throughout his career. Of the hits that led to his CMA win, only “Mental Revenge” graces the top ten, after 2,121 plays in total.

Further up the list “Memory Maker” takes 3,822 plays, while “I Ain’t Never” comes in at number one with 4,996.

What it does mean though is that the slightest whiff of resurgence could shake up his top ten. For fans new and old, that’s always one of the most exciting times to find an artist at He’s just released a new album of material from his time on the comedy circuit: You Ain’t Gonna Believe This… could well bring a new generation to his classic tracks.

To make sure your music counts head to now. Meanwhile keep an eye on Trends for more CMA Entertainers of the Year throughout October.

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