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gut Guitar Gwyneth

Now just because Gwyneth Paltrow is holding a guitar does not mean she knows how to play it.  But wait, she did learn to play it.  It was part of her “taking the part seriously,” and not only relying on a great vocal performance.  Here’s what she said about the guitar.

“I got a guitar, and I’m kind of a psycho perfectionist, so I thought I’ll never be able to do this ’cause I’ll never be good at it, but I approached it with the work ethic of a perfectionist. I practiced all the time, and I learned how to play a lot of songs, and all the songs in the movie, which was great because it really helped me feel like I was a musician. You know, when we were doing videos one day and the director said, ‘Can you play this song on the guitar?’ And I was like, ‘Yes! Thank God, I can,’ you know? I learned how to play them all, and it’s something that I really enjoy doing. It’s fun.”

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