Give This Girl A Razor!

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swank Give This Girl A Razor!

Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank committed a MAJOR faux-pas on the red carpet recently. HAIRY. ARM. PITS. GROOOOOOOooooooossssss!!!

Okay, even I’m guilty of being lazy and skipping a leg shave session or two. But at least I cover my prickly cactus trunks with jeans, for pity’s sake!!

Recently, Hilary Swank was on the red carpet in Beverly Hills for Elle magazine’s 17th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute. She flashed more than just her pearly whites…

hil swank Give This Girl A Razor!

Here’s a closer look:

swanky pits Give This Girl A Razor!

The girl has Buckwheat in a headlock!! Hilary Swank is just opening the door for Hilary “Skank” jokes! Come on!!

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