Throw Away The Key

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ll Throw Away The Key

If you or I were involved in as many, shall we say, escapades, as [lastfm]Lindsay Lohan[/lastfm] they would have locked us up and threw away the key.  Now we hear that Lin-lo has escaped further jail time and has been ordered to return to rehab to continue her drug treatment until the New Year.  She was hauled back


in front of a judge late last month over allegations she failed two court-ordered drug tests and was told to spend a month in prison, but walked free after posting $300,000 bail. She subsequently checked herself into the Betty Ford clinic in Rancho Mirage, California.  Lohan appeared before a judge at the Beverly Hills Courthouse in LA when she faced a 3-month jail term but hiz-honor decided to keep the troubled star in a drug program to help her kick her addictions once and for all.  Meanwhile read my next post and see what Lindsay fears most.

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