Trends: Is Shania Twain Still The One?

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1 Trends: Is Shania Twain Still The One?

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These days Shania Twain is as much known for her pop success as her country roots, but it’s those very roots that won her the CMA Entertainer of the Year award back in 1999. Trends takes a look at what got her there, and how her breakout tracks are doing today.

Twain’s top tracks at are largely cuts from Come On Over and Up!, the pop smashes that saw her become a global star. Come On Over has picked up 1,402,633 plays from 220,749 listeners, more than double the number of plays that the second most popular and more than three times the plays of Up!

screen shot 2010 11 03 at 12 46 47 Trends: Is Shania Twain Still The One?But her country past isn’t totally swept away. “Any Man Of Mine” has been played 159,961 times by fans, and has stayed stable throughout the summer.

It’s an indication that while Twain seems to have left behind some of the trapping of country her fans still love the music that got her to the top.

screen shot 2010 11 03 at 12 45 56 Trends: Is Shania Twain Still The One?But despite that the top track keeps on rising. “You’re Still The One” has a lot in common with the country pop crossover ballads topping today’s charts and keeps climbing among listeners.

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