Trends: Looking Back At Dixie Chicks CMA Days

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dixiechicks Trends: Looking Back At Dixie Chicks CMA Days

It’s been eight long years since Dixie Chicks picked up a CMA nod, ten since their Entertainer of the Year win back in 2000.

But as Trends looks back the CMA legends it’s time to see if the girls from Texas have still got what it takes to win over listeners.

Despite the controversy surrounding the band since their comments about President Bush while touring in Europe, Dixie Chicks are one of the most popular CMA artists on

Their 6,502,884 plays come from a dedicated core of 379,627 listeners, a difference that’s way above average for most acts, let alone country: most have ten plays for every listener, while the Chicks have twenty.

Their CMA win came off the back of dedicated touring, most of which tilted around the release of Fly in 1999. That’s seen 1,002,663 plays, almost half what more recent offering Taking The Long Way has collected. It seems that by stepping out the country spotlight they’ve gathered a worldwide following.

screen shot 2010 11 04 at 09 29 45 Trends: Looking Back At Dixie Chicks CMA DaysEven then, their top tracks are drawn from a huge range of releases.

“Goodbye Earl” is the highest charting single from the year of their CMA win, taking the number seven spot with 173,354 plays. Meanwhile 1999’s “Cowboy Take Me Away,” 2002’s “Landslide” and 2006’s “Not Ready To Make Nice” fill out their top tracks, showing a little of the diversity of your playlists when it comes to the band.

The latter single even boasts 803,881 plays, one of the highest played single of any of the CMA winners Trends has reviewed so far.

While the band isn’t likely to get another CMA nod any time soon, their music is still doing well among listeners. Discover over the next week how controversial the remaining winners are, only at Trends.

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