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k Somewhere With You

[lastfm link_type=””]Kenny Chesney[/lastfm] feels that he’s touched a nerve that connects with most every man or woman who’s ever been in a relationship and then broke up with that person only to find that they’re still in

love with them.  Kenny says:  “It’s the kind of bittersweet situation where you may have moved on, but the feelings haven’t.”  “The song ‘[lastfm link_type=””]Somewhere with You[/lastfm]’ is the ultimate, I think, the ultimate ‘hanging onto somebody’ song. Or to a certain emotion or to a certain time of your life. And it doesn’t necessarily say in the song that this guy or this girl, whatever, wants that person back, all the time. But they just, when they think about where they were happiest and where and what is important to them, I think that when the guy goes, you know, ‘I’d rather be somewhere with you,’ I’m here, but I still love you, and I still think about this, what we had. I think everybody has that.”

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