Gwyneth Paltrow On Country Strong

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p Gwyneth Paltrow On Country Strong

[lastfm link_type=””]Gwyneth Paltrow [/lastfm]is the type of person who, whenever she takes on a project, becomes very dedicated to it.  And making the music for [lastfm link_type=””]Country Strong [/lastfm] is no different, as a matter of fact she had already begun a very serious approach to it more than a year before the movie began.  “I sing all the

time in the house, and, you know, not in a serious way, but I’m always humming something or singing something, and my son sings all the time. All day long, he sings something. So, we have a lot of music going on in our house. Yeah, but I do enjoy singing, and I find it very challenging. I think I approach things in my life in a very serious way. If I’m gonna do something, I’m gonna be serious about it and try to do it to the best of my ability. So, I find it challenging singing, you know, like when we went in to cut these songs, I was like, this is a big deal, like, this is hard. And you know, I prepared all fall, I did singing lessons twice a week, and I felt ready for it, but I was, you know, I definitely felt the pressure because I wanted it to be as authentic as possible, and I wanted it to be really good.”  One serious actress and one serious singer.  Go see Country Strong it opens nationwide on January 7th.

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