Great Break-Up Songs

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josh Great Break Up Songs

[lastfm link_type=""]Josh Thompson[/lastfm] says that his new single, “[lastfm link_type=""]Won’t Be Lonely Long[/lastfm],” is a great break-up song — at least in terms of getting

over one — Josh also says, with his usual humor, that break-ups around the holidays require a bit of extra etiquette…or at least a little planning.  “Well, you don’t want to be broken up with before the holidays, so you can get that last gift. However, if you’re the person to break up, I mean, it’s probably a good idea to go ahead and do it…especially if they’re askin’ for somethin’ big.  I’ve heard about people doin’ that, and that’s just wrong. Do it on a Friday after the holidays. Right, because I’m definitely an expert.”  Josh also says that he has enjoyed a great year, but as busy as it’s been, his Christmas holiday is going to involve as much sleep and relaxation as he can manage.  Can’t say that I blame him at all.  Check out for upcoming shows and much more.

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