Food, Family And Guns

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chrisyoung1 Food, Family And Guns

So what’s it really like at [lastfm link_type=””]Chris Young[/lastfm]’s house around the holidays? 

“Holidays are actually a really, really big time around our house. Christmas is huge. For the longest time, we actually brought gifts and then we realized that was getting too expensive. Now we just kind of show up, and it’s funny because it’s always like a very set pattern of what happens. Everybody shows up about 11, and then I show up really late — about 11:30 — because it’s my bad habit. And then we all sit down for lunch, which my grandmother spent, like, two days cooking. It usually breaks up after that to the girls and the guys. The girls go hang out with my grandmother in the sewing room and just chat. The guys will usually go outside and go to my grandfather’s shop. He’s actually got a metal shop and a wood shop out behind his house. He does tool and die work. We’ll go out there and tell jokes with him or, like, go out back and shoot guns.” BANG!  OK, he really didn’t say that I just added that last word.

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