Top 10 Searches Of 2010

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bettywhite1 Top 10 Searches Of 2010
Want to know what everybody wanted to know about this year?  Check out the top 10 searches of 2010.

10.Bed Intruder
Antoine Dodson became an overnight celebrity after his local news interview went viral.

9. Foursquare
Foursquare was at the forefront of geolocation services, letting users ‘check in’ at different destinations to earn points and unlock badges.

8. Jeggings
Are they jeans? Are they leggings? Teens prepping for back-to-school snapped up these stylish spandex pants in August.

7. Old Spice Guy
Social marketing gurus, take note! Old Spice Guy changed the game in July by answering questions directly from users via YouTube and Twitter.

6. Paul the Octopus
Paul the psychic octopus was the breakout star of the 2010 World Cup with a perfect 8-0 record of picking winning teams.

5. Silly Bandz
Silly Bandz were the year’s hottest fashion accessory among the school-age set.

4. Vuvuzelas
Soccer fans at the 2010 World Cup in June and July had one major complaint: the constant buzzing of vuvuzelas.

3. Pants On the Ground
‘Pants on the Ground’ became a viral hit in January after General Larry Platt’s ‘American Idol’ audition.

2. Chatroulette
Chatroulette launched in November 2009 but exploded in early 2010.

Comining in at #1 is Betty White
At 88, Betty White became Hollywood’s hottest star in 2010.

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