Top 10 Dumbest Crooks In Tampa Bay

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78878455 Top 10 Dumbest Crooks In Tampa Bay

Thanks to Tampa Bay Online, they’ve compiled a list of the ten dumbest crooks and their crimes against the community. From twins in trouble to trolls on the bridges, we’ve got some pretty dumb crooks in the Tampa Bay area.

10. Gnome Not available

April 26: A Port St. Lucie man was charged with hitting another man in the head with a five-pound ceramic frog.

9. Treenapping

March 22: A Spring Hill man was arrested after allegedly stealing a palm tree valued at $1,000 from a gynecologist’s office.

8. Trolls Are Real

Feb. 2: A mechanic walking back from lunch in Wesley Chapel was stopped by three homeless men. “I am a troll,” one of them said. “This is my bridge so you will have to pay a toll to cross.”

7. Dentures For Christmas

June 2: A man told a Hernando County deputy his female friend punched out one of his teeth, but the officer pointed out the tooth was still in his mouth. The victim then reached into his own mouth and pulled it out.

6. Look At Your Man, Sadly He’s In Jail

March 2: A Spring Hill man was charged with theft after he stole Old Spice deodorant and body wash from Dollar General, deputies said.

5. The Bike Wouldn’t Make It

July 6: Pasco deputies say a man rode his bike to a construction site and stole a tractor, then drove it to a gas station to get a beer.

4. Baby Wants His Beer Back

June 1: A New Port Richey man called 911 to say his mother took his beer and he wanted her arrested. He got charged instead with making false 911 calls.

3. and 2. Twins Aren’t Always Fun

May 4: Try to follow this: Matthew and Marcus Mauceri are twins. Officials said Matthew was set to stand trial on a charge of scheme to defraud, but he was running late, so he asked Marcus to stand in for him. Marcus posed as Matthew until Matthew’s lawyer got suspicious when Marcus seemed oblivious to conversations he’d had with Matthew. The lawyer stopped the trial and consulted with the judge. When asked, Marcus said he was Matthew, but fingerprints showed he wasn’t. Marcus joined Matthew behind bars.

1. Honesty Is The Best Policy

Oct. 1: Manatee County deputies say they found drugs in Raymond Stanley Roberts’ buttocks. When questioned, they say he told them, “The white stuff is not mine, but the weed is.”

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