Biggest Celebrity Slim Downs Of 2010

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Stockings aren’t the only things being trimmed this year! Celebs got down to business and hit the gym to slim down and we’ve got the celebs who had the most dramatic changes in their waistlines.

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Christian Bale
Actors are known for dramatic changes in their appearance for a role in a film. Christian Bale knows this routine well, from putting on the muscle to shedding the pounds, and in the film ‘The Fighter’ Bale made himself run for hours and hours to lose the weight.

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Natalie Portman
The already petite actress, Natalie Portman went through a rigours, year-long ballet training for her role in ‘Black Swan.’ She ended up losing 20 ponds along the way and at times, she looked down right skeletal.

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Gwyneth Paltrow
After putting on 20 pounds for her role in ‘Country Strong,’ the Oscar winner has returned to her work out routine to get back to her normal figure. She even said that the lack of working out and dieting totally freaked her out.

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Drew Carey
Not all celebs are trimming the fat for roles though. The host of ‘The Price is Right’ got down to the business of getting healthy, what with Type 2 Diabetes and the inability to lift his step son, and lost 80 pounds!

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Jennifer Hudson
The curvaceous dream girl proved that with a healthy diet and work out routine you keep your curves, but drop in sizes. She went from a size 16 to a size 4 and is now a national spokeswoman for Weight Watchers.

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John Goodman
Known for playing the big guy, John Goodman was in need of a boost. After his weight ballooned to nearly 400 pounds, Goodman cut the sugar and drinking, and hired a trainer. He’s lost over 100 pounds and is looking great!

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Kelly Osbourne
Known for her fuller figure, Kelly Osbourne continued her ‘Dancing With The Stars’ workout routine and went all the way down to a size two.

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Ricky Gervais
Working out with someone is always more fun then working out alone! The comedic genius that is Ricky Gervais went to work with his girlfriend and the two of them both lost 20 pounds.

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Anthony Hopkins
In an effort to be healthy, Anthony Hopkins started going to the gym, power walking, and living on an 800 calories a day diet. He’s shed 75 pounds and plans to keep it off.

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Kendra Wilkinson
Baby weight can be difficult to lose, but celebs have the knack for losing it effectively. After putting on a bit of weight during her pregnancy, Kendra got to work and lost the baby weight.

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Bethenny Frankel
It probably helps being a chef, but after having her baby a month early, Bethenny got back down to size. Her motto “Taste everything, eat nothing.”

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Tori Spelling
Not all weight loss is good. The already thin actress took on a skeletal look, blaming it on illnesses. Now that Spelling is on the mend, she plans to get back to a normal size.

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