The Higher Education Tour

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jn The Higher Education Tourlb The Higher Education Tour

I’m not making this up, honestly.  [lastfm link_type=””]Lee Brice[/lastfm] and [lastfm link_type=””]Jerrod Niemann[/lastfm], are heading out on the road together.  

little business and mix in a little pleasure as they co-headline the Higher Education Tour, which kicks off on March the 10th in Columbia, Mo. and hits college markets around the country.  The two met about nine years ago in Nashville and became friends and always talked about being on tour together.  As for what’s in store on the tour Lee says: “It’s definitely going to be separate [sets], but it’s going to be a joint thing. Right now we’re talking about both of us coming out at the very beginning of the show with acoustic guitars, sitting on stools, lights come up, and we’re just sitting there. Maybe we’ll do a medley of our [lastfm link_type=””]Garth Brooks[/lastfm] tunes right there. Bam! Get the crowd laughing, talk to them about what’s about to hit them and then get somebody in the audience, a birthday or a winner, bring them on stage and flip a coin. We’ll call it in the air, and whoever gets whatever, ‘Alright, you’re first tonight.’ Boom! The other band comes on, and we’ll go in the back. ‘I’ll see you in a little while. I’m going to go drink some beer.’ Go in the back and Jerrod plays, or I’ll play. Then when it finishes up, we’ll do a segue — we’ll have one or the other come out on that last song, and it’ll be just that easy. And boom, next thing you’ll know, the other band will be on the stage and they’ll do their show. At the end, we’ll bring both bands out on stage and jam out with covers and just fun times for like 30 minutes or an hour, or however long we’ll feel like doing it. It’s going to be awesome!  That’s kind of our idea.”  The Higher Education Tour hits Davie, Fl. on April 21st at the Roundup, April 22nd at Joyland IV in Bradenton, Fl. and the Suwannee River Jam in Live Oak, Fl. on April 28th.

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