CBS Sitcom Forced Into Hiatus

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2 CBS Sitcom Forced Into Hiatus
The only thing missing or should I say “person missing” from the above photo is

And that’s pretty much the way its going to be for several months, now that there’s a production hiatus for the hit [lastfm link_type=””]CBS[/lastfm] sitcom “[lastfm link_type=””]Two and a Half Men[/lastfm],” forced by [lastfm link_type=””]Charlie Sheen[/lastfm]’s latest trip to the rehab treatment center of his choice. How should we treat Charlie? Do you think he gets what he deserves, or should we show sympathy and treat him like he’s sick? A lot of people I know say he’s a spoiled rich kid and they could care less, others say he’s mentally ill and needs help. Which side are you on?

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