Love Or Something Like It

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und Love Or Something Like It

[lastfm link_type=””]Carrie Underwood [/lastfm]and [lastfm link_type=””]Mike Fisher[/lastfm] attend the [lastfm link_type=””]Miami Heat[/lastfm] vs [lastfm link_type=””]New York Knicks[/lastfm] game at [lastfm link_type=””]Madison Square Garden[/lastfm]

in New York City. But before they became Mr. & Mrs., husband & wife Carrie explains her worst date ever: ”The worst date I ever had was actually probably my first date ever. I was 16, and I was going out on a date with a guy that was a bit older. He might have been like 18. And he came in, and my dad actually had gotten out his shotguns earlier to start cleanin’ ‘em. I don’t know why he decided to clean them right before my first date, but he did. Mom made him put ‘em up, though. But my date gets there, and we go out, and he really just didn’t put that much thought into it. Like, we just went to the mall and were gonna watch a movie. But I was 16 and couldn’t get into any rated-R movies. So we ended up watching this horrible movie. We left like halfway through, and he took me home, and that was that.  Not a great first dating experience.”

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