Randy Houser Talks About His Inspiration For In God’s Time

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The above photo of [lastfm link_type=””]Randy Houser[/lastfm] was taken during our St. Jude Children’s Hospital Radio-thon at the Westfield Mall in Brandon where Randy so graciously gave up some of his time to take your pledges to become partners in HOPE with WQYK.  The timing couldn’t have been any more perfect as Randy talks about his inspiration for the brand new song “In God’s Time.”

“I was in a place where all the things I though would make me truly happy, I found could make me just as miserable.” The song is about being patient and accepting God’s will. This song had been on Randy’s heart for about three weeks. They wrote another song and as everyone was packing up to leave he sat down and played the first chord and sang “In God’s Time.” He then asked co-writters [lastfm link_type=””]Shane Minor[/lastfm] and [lastfm link_type=””]David Lee Murphy[/lastfm], “do y’all want to stay?” Both of them said yes. Randy also says “It was exactly what I needed to say at the time, it was exactly what I’d been feeling, but it hadn’t manifested itself yet. It was exactly what my heart needed to hear. A lot of times you have to verbally say things to soak ‘em up.” Not my way but thine oh GOD be done in and through me. “God put me on a platform for a reason” Randy says, “to say what HE wants me to say.” And I say AMEN brother, AMEN.

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