Brad Paisley Concert Rituals

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bp2 Brad Paisley Concert Rituals

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Just like baseball players, some country artists have a ritual that they go into before a big concert or anytime they’re about to go on stage. [lastfm link_type=””]Brad Paisley[/lastfm] is no different, oh his ritual may be a little different than most, but Brad wants to continue to take good care of himself.

Ever since [lastfm link_type=””]Brad Paisley[/lastfm]’s nasty fall from a stage last year during the final show of his [lastfm link_type=””]American Saturday Night[/lastfm] tour he has tried to ignore the persistent pain in his lower back. But it wasn’t long before he decided he needed medical attention. “When we did that stadium show in Boston, I ran and went nuts up and down the catwalk like I do, and the next day we tried to go see a movie and I had to take a break from walking from the car into the theater.” “I had to sit on the benches outside the theater because I couldn’t go any further.” Thankfully, his physician gave him a few movements he can do before his rigorous show, that will not only ease the pain, but also ensure him several more years of high-energy shows. “My doctor says I’m young enough that this shouldn’t happen again, especially if I take the time to make sure I’m getting my muscles in shape and not just going out there and abusing myself,” he says.

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